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Digital Leadership

More than just tech/STEAM education!

Digital leadership goes beyond using technology as individuals in an ethical and responsible way. 

Digital leadership means working collaboratively to solve problems, embrace change, and positively impact the lives of others. 

Human Centered

At TCL, we believe that children and young people learn best when supported effectively to explore the world around them in exciting and challenging ways – and technology offers a fantastic challenge-based, creative medium for that. 

Our courses are centred around challenge-based learning: taking learners out of their comfort zones as they tackle real problems, helping them to develop vital ‘human’ skills like creativity, adaptability and resilience. In a recent study, 76% of our students said that their confidence in learning new technologies increased after attending a Fire Tech course, while 67% said that they are now willing to try things that fail more frequently.
Responsible Use

We believe that supporting young people to use technology responsibly is a vital part of their development in the 21st century. Our students are leaders that can not only harness the power of technology, but also understand the ethical questions that surround its effective use. At TCL , our students are given the tools and mindsets for responsible, conscious use of technology, to use tech in a way that is respectful of others and cognizant of their own digital footprint and online rights.

Change The World

Last year, we piloted using a social impact theme across our summer camps, encouraging our learners to develop ideas to tackle the plastics in the ocean crisis, and we’re excited to make social impact and sustainability a key focus for our programs in 2020 onward.

We know that kids are increasingly looking to use tech to change the world. 

What happens if young people, from an early age, are encouraged to use technology to impact the world? This question is a big motivation for us at The Curiosity Lab

Innovative Tech

From the beginning, we have committed to incorporating the latest tech themes in our work, from robotics with Arduino and Ozobots, to coding with Python, video games design with Construct to augmented and virtual reality.

Now, we want to incorporate the most cutting-edge topics in our courses, including deepfakes, AI and machine learning, autonomous vehicles, and smart cities. With an understanding of where tech is going, we can help young people shape their own futures.

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