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Do you know who your child's instructor is?

"No experience necessary" - a title found on many job postings by STEAM/coding companies.

We kid you not, take a look on indeed or any other recruiting platform and you will see, big and small, local and international coding companies having 0 expectations for their instructors.

This was one of the reasons we started TCL!

At one company, the boasted on their job profile "learn to teach coding in 8 hours!" We couldn't believe it either.

At TCL, we believe our instructors need to not only have an exceptional educational background in computer science, they also need to be working in the field and/or exude extraordinary passion for STEAM as well as teaching kids. It is a unique formula which is why our recruiting process is quite long and our requirements are stringent but at the end of the day, we take pride in our instructors, curriculum and delivery. As parents we expect the best for our kids and yours, rest assured TCL instructors are thoroughly vetted and lastly, for full transparency, you can also view their profiles on our website as well as meet with them before or after each class.


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