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The COVID Slide!

Our students are taking a double hit this year

You may have heard about the summer slide, this year our kids will be taking a double hit, having been out of school for over 5 months, assuming school resumes as normal in September.

So what does that mean? The usual summer slide that occurs in July and August, sees on average, 2 months of reading skills are lost, 2.6 months of math skills are lost.

6 weeks in the Fall are spent re-learning old material.

How To Slow The Slide

1. Make Time for learning beyond June

2. Improve Reading Comprehension 

3. Encourage Creative Writing

4. Develop Math Skills

5. Encourage STEM thinking 

You can boost STEM thinking at home by encouraging your child’s natural questioning and curiosity. Instead of giving them the answer or solution to a problem immediately, encourage your child to come up with several possible solutions on their own.

& as always, keep students learning by keeping students engaged in programs that they enjoy such as our virtual programs. During the summer, our instructors are able to adjust the programs to include more math and literacy in order to optimize the time that they are spending indoors!

Our daily and weekly classes also keep students on a routine which will them to get back into the grove of regular classroom learning in September.


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