Sanjana S

Our Graphic & Interactive Design Expert

● Web production artist at TVO Kids

● Extensive graphic design experience 

● Years of coding experience


○ Javascript, Python and JQuery



● Web design, graphic design and motion graphic design

● Web development 

● Any Art! Putting the 'A' in STEAM



I’m currently a UI Web Developer at an energy company in Toronto. I come from a designing background which involves working with software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition and Xd. At school, I hated coding because of the calculations, although funnily, I managed to graduate. I was super intimidated by mathematics. I always thought coding was terrifying until I actually gave it a shot by applying and being hired as a Web Production Artist position at TVO. As I started my job and got in-depth, I went crazy for coding. I immediately fell in love with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I came to realize that my logical mind was destined to code and mathematics was not so intimidating. 


In my career, I gained two and a half years of experience and counting as a developer and three years of experience as an interactive media designer. Since I love designing and programming, I always found a fusion of responsibilities in the industry to keep things interesting. I’ve done abundant tutoring on math, science and chemistry to the children of aged 5-15. I know! Math! I taught the children well because I was a super learner in high school. I’ve also tutored my fellow students at Durham College during my PG. 


I personally love creative learning, and can completely understand the approaches required to teach a child. I’m very approachable and understanding with a child-like mentality. I would love to see the latest kids excel in their future! I’m here to do my best in helping them grow and share every bit of my knowledge.


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