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Any skill level welcome! 

Our custom classes are created for students as young as 6 all the way up to students entering post secondary who may feel intimidated by programming courses (tech tutoring).  Our instructors are all Canadian based professionals that have extensive teaching and STEM experience.

We also now offer group classes! Max 3 students, grouped by age and experience level

The virtual classes are also perfect for students who have ASD or any other special needs as our classes move at their pace and are private so they develop a special rapport with their instructor! 

If you have any question about our program, give us a call or shoot us a message in the chat box below!


An award winning creativity program for kids ages 6+ that inspires and empowers kids to bring their ideas to life while developing skills that will last a lifetime!


starting at only

$129/month (CAD)

(no contract, cancel at any time)

Join our community of lifelong creators. 


Not Sure What To Choose?


Full STEAM Program

Our full STEAM program allows students to truly explore or submerge into a new coding language! Kids learn 1 on 1 with a private instructor in a distraction free environment. Introduced to the basic concepts of multiple coding languages that we offer and then apply their new skills to applications such as  2D and 3D game creation, Minecraft, app creation or even website development! 

These classes are once per week.

  • Coding (JavaScript, Python, HTML, C++ and much more!)

  • Minecraft

  • 2D & 3D game development

  • Database integration

  • App development

  • Music Production, mixing and mastering & more

  • 3D Modeling and Sculpting

  • Website creation

  • Photoshop

  • Tech tutoring

  • Animation/ 3D Art / Concept Art & more

  • Motion design and composition

  • Muse

  • Private classes

  • Ages 6+

Enriched STEAM Program

We have created a *NEW* specialized program for students and parents who are interested in immersing in a FULL STACK program that provides an enriched path to technological success be it, post secondary or extra curricular. Students leave the program with a versatile portfolio of work and the confidence they need to succeed.

Designed for students interested in higher learning at a faster pace.

Our Enrichment Program classes are 2 hour classes taken weekly. 

  • Full stack developer program for kids!

  • Private classes

  • Build a comprehensive virtual portfolio

  • Ages 10+ some exceptions made, call to ask

Message us for more info!

The Learning Studio - Camp!

Daily Classes & Camp Classes are 

 Our studio classes provides daily 1 hour STEAM classes for students ages 6+

Our daily classes are perfect for Summer Break, Spring Break and Winter Camp!


In addition to choosing a full STEAM topic, parents can also add an extra hour of tutoring in Math or Science for students in grades 1 - 8.

Choose from any of the above full STEAM programs, the only difference is that these classes are taken daily where the regular STEAM program classes are weekly. Due to the fact that the classes are daily, our instructors are also able to put an emphasis on Math for students who choose code.

  • Improve math skills with code!

  • Based on the Ontario curriculum

  • Developed in collaboration with Ontario Certified Teachers

  • Private, custom classes

  • Ages 6+

Get Certified!

Jr. Coder Certificate

min. 20 hrs of coding + 5 completed projects 

Sr. Coder Certificate 

min. 40 hrs of coding, + 10 completed projects

Master Coder Certificate

  min. 50 hrs of coding, fluent in 2+ coding languages, + 12 completed projects 

Jr. Developer Certificate 

min. 25 hrs + min 80% on exam passed

Master Developer Certificate 

min 50 hrs + min 80% on exam

Artificial Intelligence Jr. Master

min 20 hrs  + min 80% on exam

Artificial Intelligence Master

min 50hrs + min 80% on exam 

Jr. Game Developer

min 20 hrs + 5 - 3D projects 

Master Game Developer 

min 40 hrs + 7 - full 360 degree 3D projects + min 80% on exam

Jr. Animator 

min 25 hrs + 5 projects 

Master Animator 

min 40 hrs + 7 projects + min 80% on exam

Message us for more info!



Invest in their future, we are developing tomorrow’s tech industry leaders, today. By starting early, you are helping to build a solid foundation with endless opportunities! 


Our results driven curriculum is developed in part by Ontario Certified Teachers and Google, our curriculum is designed to generate results.



Tech skills are crucial to your child's future, make sure that they are fully prepared to be competitive in their workforce! 

What Are The Benefits Of Private Online Classes?

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