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Camp Curiosity

Where Kids Become 

TCL's Camp Curiosity is an award-winning virtual camp program for kids ages 6+, inspiring and empowering kids to bring their ideas to life while developing skills that last a lifetime!

Summer Break 2024 Schedule: 

Week 1 : July 2 - July 5

Week 2 : July 8 - July 12

Week 3 : July 15 - July 19

Week 4 : July 22 - July 26

Week 5 : July 29 - August 2

Week 6 : August 5 - August 9

Week 7 : August 12 - August 16

Week 8 : August 19 - August 23

Week 9 : August 26 - August 30

Winter Break 2024/2025 Schedule: 

Week 1 : December 23 - December 27 

Week 2 : December 30 - January 3

Choose From: 

Intro To AI

Advanced AI



Digital Art

Game Design

Intro to Coding

Advanced Coding

Jr Influencer Course *new*

$199/Week ($159 USD) 
If you are interested in registering for more than 1 week, please send us an email. 

Junior Influencer Program

In this *new* program, students learn the basics of content creation, including video production - storyboarding, filming and editing - so that they can start populating their social media channels with their bright ideas.

This course is perfect for young people with a passion that they want to share with the world! They will go from consumers to creators and learn technical skills along the way that will open up new worlds of creativity and entrepreneurship.


Creativity & Tech

Students focus on the creativity around content creation but combines that with a fascinating look under the bonnet at the tech that makes YouTubers successful.

unnamed (2).png

Take a peek into our
Jr. Influencer Camp!

Keep in mind, our classes are customized so the program may change based on the student's interests and experience level

Day 1

Students will delve into the world of YouTube, TikTok or Instagram content influencers and learn how to create their own content strategy and how to develop their personal brand. They will create their Social Media channel and/or page and start getting hands on creating content!

Learning Outcomes:

● How to create a YouTube channel or Social Media page 

● How to develop a content strategy and personal brand

● How to create graphic elements and animations

Day 2

Students will learn how to plan their production (script, storyboard, production breakdown), starting with how to organize a production breakdown of their video ideas, pitch a video idea and organize a shooting while working in a production team. They will set up a filming stage and practice talking in front of the camera. 


Learning Outcomes:

● Project and production planning skills

● Filming, acting and presentation skills in front of the camera

● Video editing

● Script and interview writing

Day 3

It's filming day! Today students will have the chance to film their videos, keeping in mind the confidence tips and the key elements of filming, to convey their ideas and create appealing content. 


Learning Outcomes:

● Further filming and editing skills

● Further develop confidence in on-camera presentation skills


Day 4

In this session, students will learn more about digital citizenship and online safety. They will have a chance to film again, if they need pick up shots and continue to work on their edits.


Learning Outcomes:

● Understanding of the importance of online safety and digital citizenship

● Further developed skills in postproduction


Day 5

On this last day, students will learn how to upload their finished content and how to use the YouTube, TikTok or Instagram features and analytics, to build an audience. Students will finish the course with their YouTube or Social channel set up with content ready to share with their family and friends!


Learning Outcomes:

● Understanding of how to upload to YouTube and the important privacy settings

● Understanding of how to use YouTube Studio and YouTube Analytics or Social Analytics to interpret data, use metadata and build an audience 

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