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Coding + Math = Amazing Results!

Yes, it's possible to improve their skills and keep them engaged with CODING!

Our program was created in collaboration with Ontario Certified Teachers! 

We offer an excellent alternative to tutoring! 

Turn Frustration

Was math difficult for your child this year? Was their report card not what you were expecting? We can fix that! There are a lot of contributing factors to low math scores including: 

- large class sizes 

- gaps in skill sets from previous years

- they have developed a negative attitude towards the subject

- they are being taught in a way that is not beneficial to them

- self doubt 

...just to name a few! 

Into Motivation!

Our custom private classes help students apply math to real life scenarios, projects and games! Created with Ontario Certified teachers, we find that students desperately want to see value in the knowledge they are working towards! Our private custom classes allow students to work 1 on 1 with an instructor who will ensure that they are not only learning mathematical concepts for their grade and the level ahead, they are also filling in any concept gaps from previous years! Students learn to code, build video games, apps and websites WHILE learning important math skills! 

The Curiosity Lab Difference

- private, structured online classes

- flexible class schedule!

- curriculum created in collaboration with Ontario Certified Teachers! 

- $549 for 10 hours (can be used over 1 week or the entire summer)

- space is VERY limited, registration is now open! 

- age 5+

- follows the Ontario Curriculum! 

- students are learning math skills while remaining engaged! 

- students will begin to be able to visualize abstract concepts! 

- students explore real world applications of math concepts

- students begin to identify attributes, group variables, apply conditional logic

- students work on calculating angles and geometric shapes

- students articulating hypothesis to solve problems and apply trial and error experimentation strategies! 

- real math is required  to calculate code, games and apps such as wait times, set scores, counters, calculate points and time interactions between characters in the games they create! 


Get Ahead This Summer! 


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