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Should kids learn to code this summer?

Yes! With just 1 hour per day for 1 week you can introduce your kids to skills that will last a lifetime!

When it comes to gearing your kids for the future, there is no better way to teach a life skill than to make your kid write code. Coding can endow your kids the much required academic skills, life skills like perseverance, organizational, management and essential 21st-century skills that can transform skills into a promising career. There are enough reasons for your kids to learn coding this summer:

For Academic Performance:

  • Math: Is Math becoming increasingly difficult for your kid to pick up? Make it really creative and fun with coding skills that help kids visualize abstract themes.

  • Writing: Coding can help kids learn the value of planning and brevity, which leads to improved writing skills.

  • Creativity: Kids learn through tests and re-tests. As it goes, coding strengthens their code and enhances creativity.

  • Confidence: The biggest advantage, perhaps, is that coding can enhance confidence through problem-solving techniques.

Coding builds soft skills:

  • Focus & Organization: The more your child write code, the more he or she can naturally grow in terms of focus and organization.

  • Resilience: Coding is followed by debugging. What better way to develop a sense of perseverance and resilience than to produce a clean code that is put through rigorous testing?

  • Communication: Coding encourages logical communication and improves one’s verbal and written skills. After all, it’s learning a new language.

Coding your way to the future:

  • Empowerment: Kids are empowered to make better decisions when they learn to code.

  • Life Skills: Coding can be a key entry skill in the digital era. How your kids cope with the innovation and technological changes will impact the way they want to shape the future.

  • Career Preparation: There is a huge demand for coders, given the rapid pace at which the IT field is poised to grow in the years to come.

As seen above, the benefits of learning coding are plenty and it just doesn’t stop with the perks and incentives that come along with it. Kids should be encouraged to take up summer crash courses in coding or programming to equip themselves for the challenges of the future.


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