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Why should kids have a digital portfolio?

A digital portfolio can be started at any age! They help your child document, present, reflect on and set goals for their work both academically and leisurely!

Celebrate achievements! A portfolio allows students to showcase their personal bests! Their portfolio is a cloud based story of their development and artifacts of accomplishments. Students have a unique space to demonstrate specific competencies. Being able to look back at past accomplishments and successes also fosters motivation.

Personal Branding A child's digital portfolio captures them as an individual, embracing their personalities and uniqueness that scores and grades can not. Students who have a positive presence online are more likely to screen and monitor any content that they put online in general, including social media.

Set Goals A digital portfolio is an awesome tool for self reflection. Reflection allows students to define their interests and set specific goals that are aligned with your learning path. Portfolios also foster habits of life long learning.

Digital Citizenship Kids embrace technology daily without examining the consequences of implementation. Digital Citizenship is an essential 21st century skill because being a 21st century citizen means you can collaborate and communicate with people in person and in the digital world, responsibly.

A digital portfolio can be created in both our STEAM and Enrichment Program. Students can build their own website from scratch and work on projects that are sure to amaze any educator, admissions officer, employer or even just their peers! 


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