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Computer Programming

Teach Your Kid The Skills Of Tomorrow

While Getting Them Off The Xbox At The Same Time

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Game Design Course
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Rated 4.9/5 by 500+ Happy Students

✅    Students work together with their own instructor to design 3D video games.

✅    Course taught fully online by live North American instructors over voice video calls once per week.

✅    Every student gets a dedicated instructor to teach them one on one

✅    Game design course includes character design, animation, basic game design and much more!

How The Course Works

The game design course is taught fully online via live video calls, so anyone can take the course from the comfort of their home. The course is broken up into one hour live call sessions where students learn 1 on 1 with their own instructor. Classes are mastery based and self paced, so students fully understand each concept before moving on. Each week will be on a new topic building upon the prior weeks experience. The goal is that at the end of the course each student will have built their own playable and unique game that they can show off as their own.

The software taught in the course varies by student and background. However, some of the common software taught in the course includes tynker, unity and roblox. 

Course Project Examples

Who Is This Course For

This course is for students aged 6-18 who are interested in video game design, coding, animation and digital art. Each lesson is approximately 1 hour long with a 1 on 1 with a dedicated instructor, which makes the course fully customizable to adapt to any skill level or experience level. So even if your child is a beginner who has never coded before, or is somewhat familiar with creating basic scripts the course will work for them!

Meet The Instructors


Sanjana S

● Web production artist at TVO Kids

● Extensive graphic design experience 

● Years of coding experience

     ○ HTML & CSS3

     ○ Javascript, Python

     ○ JQuery

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Haitham H

● Bsc in Computer Science

● Post Grad. in Game Development

● Professional full time UNITY Video Game Developer

● 8+ years of coding experience

     ○ C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript

     ○ Python, HTML


Rumei M

● BA In Information Tech with honours

● 5+ years of coding experience

     ○ Java, JavaScript

     ○ Python, HTML

● Extensive experience teaching coding to kids including with Canada Learning Code!

● developed a banking app

At The Curiosity Lab, we employ only top tier North American professionals who are not only thoroughly versed in many programming languages and applications, they are also teachers who have extensive experience working with a a broad spectrum of learners.

Our instructors also pass a vulnerable sector police background check and our own training program. Our instructors all have their own portfolios and are actively involved in mandatory continuing education programs to ensure that our students receive the most accurate skills and best practices.

About The Curiosity Lab

The Curiosity Lab is a Canadian company that serves students internationally. Our vision is to empower children with the skills they will need to thrive in a technology driven society. 

Our virtual classes offer private, elite styled teaching, at a price equivalent to group classes. The difference? Guaranteed results through a mastery based, customized and fully engaging program! Rather than getting lost in a group, students get individualized attention, in a comfortable environment where they are heard and their individualized learning needs are met. Our virtual classes are also flexible and a perfect fit for today's busy family! 

Our enrichment program provides a simple path that parents and students can follow to ensure that their child has the specific skills, portfolio and overall proven track record to be competitive on their high school and post secondary journey and beyond!


Jamie M

I love working on my own 3D game in unity! I am learning a lot from my teacher and I am working on building my portfolio for school!

Jazmine W

Absolutely amazing! My daughters love it! It’s very different and it allows my daughters to feel that not only men can do coding, robotics and science too!

Stephen P

We tried out curiosity lab and we have been very happy. The most obvious positive is that the curiosity lab allows you to tailor the course work to the particular student and really focus on the child's interest.

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Getting started with The Curiosity Lab

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Join a community of kids who are learning, creating and getting ready to take over the world with The Curiosity Lab!

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For a limited time we are pleased to offer our Game Design Course (of our most popular courses) at a special discount for anyone who lands on this page. Sign up for the game design course today and enjoy your first month of enrolment for 70% OFF!! We can offer this only because we are so confident that you and your child will love the program and will stick around with us after your first month.

You will also be backed by our no-risk, no commitment guarantee, so if after the first month you do not love the program than simply send us a message and we will un-enroll you, no questions asked!

So join our amazing community and enroll in the game design program today! And we will talk to you on the inside.

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